Ann Taylor Credit Card

If you have developed a great liking for Ann Taylor and her sales every week you are in good company here. Are you one of the many women ready to head out each week to go check out the latest deals with your Ann Taylor Credit Card in hand? Have you even decided to go ahead and get your Ann Taylor Credit Card as of yet? If you haven't already got your very own Ann Taylor Credit Card and you consider yourself an avid shopper of Ann Taylor, you are really missing out. When you can't stay away from checking out the sales often at Ann Taylor, let us just tell you now, you need to go ahead and apply for the Ann Taylor Credit Card.

Whenever there seems to be hardly nobody online complaining about the Ann Taylor Credit Card you should know that the Ann Taylor Credit Card must be a great investment. Even though the Ann Taylor Credit Card has been around for some already, there are still some perks and things that really aren't known to the main public because they really want to take care of their card users. One of the biggest draws for this card happen to be the $20 bonus you get for every time you have reach a new mark of having 2,000 points.

As far as complaints go, majority of the complaints that are found regarding the Ann Taylor Credit Card aren't really about the card at all. There tends to be complaints about maybe a customer service agent every now and then, or someone who doesn't shop very often complaining about why they aren't gaining points any faster. No matter how many people there are complaining (which aren't many) the fact still remains that there appears to be way more people going about enjoying their Ann Taylor Credit Card just fine than there are who are sitting back complaining about things they could have changed on their own.


When the worst complaint that mentions the Ann Taylor Credit Card comes from someone who is really complaining about one customer service agent or so, we think that is a pretty good sign on the larger scheme of things. Though unpleasant, it's something of a fact of life that from time to time we will speak to an agent who perhaps is just starting out with the company and is having a hard time. Patience in that area should get the job done. If the agents on the phone can't seem to find the answer you seek, then surely a trip to one of the physical locations will gain you some answers. Lastly, one other type of complaint is actually complaints regarding those who have missed payments whether intentionally or accidentally. If you aren't that great with maintaining your account balances, then the Ann Taylor Credit Card or any card for that matter just might not be for you. Shopping at Ann Taylor on a regular basis just isn't as great if you aren't carrying your own Ann Taylor Credit Card into the store with you to take extra advantage of the savings you will find there.